Advantages Of Using Guards From A Commercial Security Agency

Posted on: 22 September 2017

If you're thinking about hiring a security guard for your store, you'll have to decide if you want to make them part of your staff or if you want to go through a security company that provides the guards. There are good reasons to use a commercial security company. Primarily it will save you from a lot of extra work in managing new employees and managing their work schedules. Here are some befits of using an agency's security guards over hiring your own:

The Staff Is Screened And Qualified

You're probably more concerned with running your store than you are with learning about the qualifications of good security guards and doing background checks. You can rest assured the guards supplied by an agency have been trained and screened so they are qualified for the job. Agencies may provide training themselves or they may hire former police or military members that have had security training. Either way, you can be sure your store is in good hand with professional guards.

You Won't Have Added Paperwork

Of course, you'll have to pay the agency for the use of the guards, but you won't have to deal with HR issues like you would if you hired your own guards. The agency handles payroll, insurance, and benefits issues so all you have to do is pay the agency like you do any other vendor.

An Agency Is Flexible With Hours And Staff

Your needs for security may change according to different sales and events you hold in your store. You may need extra guards for a certain weekend, and that's no problem when you work with an agency because they have many guards on staff. You won't have to worry about a worker calling in sick or needing vacation time since you can rely on the agency to send the guards when you need them whether it is during business hours or overnight.

You're Still In Control Of The Guards

Even though the guards are employees of the security agency, they will follow your orders when it comes to how you want your store and property protected. This gives you a better sense of control over the safety of your customers and inventory. You may want the guards to have an obvious presence in your store to deter theft or you might prefer them to blend in and be discreet. There may be certain areas where more protection is needed than others. Just let the agency know your needs and expectations and they will send guards to do the job.

Although it's an added expense to have security guards in your shop, it is worth it if there has been a crime outbreak or if you deal in valuable items. Your customers may feel safer knowing security is present and you can have peace of mind a professional is on duty to handle problems if they arise.