How To Land A Security Job With Limited Training

Posted on: 19 October 2017

If you are interested in security jobs, you might be surprised by the amount of training you are expected to complete. Yet, other people applying for the same jobs are not required to complete that training. So, how does one land a security job with limited training? It goes something like this.

Military Veterans First

Former military personnel already have tons of training in security situations. That was their former job; to protect the country and fight off dangerous foes. Additionally, laws specific to helping veterans find a job when the are no longer serving in a branch of the military provides these brave men and women with much-needed jobs. Ergo, they need very little training for a security job and have first dibs.

Former Police Officers

Clearly, if you were a former police officer, you would be a shoe-in for a security job. The transition from cop to security guard is a fairly easy one, and you would have significantly less stress.  After military veterans, police officers get second pick of any security jobs that are available, and they do not have to go through much training either.

Experienced Security Guards

Not surprisingly, you will be beat out of a security job by anyone else who has ever been a security guard. Really, that is only fair and an expected hiring practice of any job. Of course, you would have to get a security job to get experience to get another security job, and not have to get much training after the fact.

Mall Cops

Not much respect is given to mall cops, but the truth of the matter is that mall cops have a lot of training in security already. They are required to patrol the exterior of the mall, watching for car break-ins, thefts, and anything else unseemly. Inside the mall, they also handle thefts and break up fights when needed.

Abandoned Property "Watchdogs" 

It is not exactly a security job when you have to watch an abandoned property overnight. However, you are responsible for chasing off intruders and calling the police when necessary. While this job provides you with less to do and less training than all of the above, it can still translate over to a higher security job with limited training.

Crossing Guards

You may be wondering how a crossing guard lands a security guard job with limited training.  For one, he/she works for the state. Most state jobs have lateral sliding job moves you can make when positions become available. Two, crossing guards are actually trained to watch for everything around them to keep kids safe. Ergo, they have been taught most of what you would need to know working as a security guard.