Gain Respect from the Public Through Your Security Officer Uniform

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Security guards might not be police officers, but their uniforms should command a high degree of respect. When members of the community see a security officer arrive on the scene, the manner in which the officer carries himself or herself—and how the guard dresses—should send the message that the officer is an authoritative presence and has control of the situation. When you're a security officer, the condition of your uniform is thus highly critical, so you should never take a lackadaisical approach to your appearance. In addition to keeping your uniform clean, here are some ways to gain respect.

Wear it Properly

Wearing your security officer uniform in the proper manner is important if you want to command respect. This means that your shirt should be tucked in and your pants should sit at the waist. Even if you favor wearing your pants lower when you're not in uniform, being on duty isn't a time to make a fashion statement. If you wear a tie, it should be straight and tight at the collar, while your belt should sit snugly around your waist and be equipped properly.

Keep it Maintained

Washing your security guard uniform between shifts isn't the only way to present an authoritative appearance when you're on duty. There are a number of other ways that you need to maintain your uniform. If your pants are a little too long, have them hemmed to the right length so that the cuffs aren't dragging on the ground beneath your shoes. If your shirt gets damaged while on duty—perhaps a badge gets partially ripped off when you're trying to detain a suspect—ensure that you fix the damage promptly. Finally, if you lose or gain weight, don't be afraid to get a new uniform so that it always fits smartly.

Take Care of Your Shoes

Caring for your security guard uniform doesn't stop at your pant cuffs; you must also ensure that your footwear looks sharp. Security guards can wear different types of footwear, but black shoes or boots are common. If you wear shoes or boots that you can polish, do so until they shine—and take a high degree of pride in always having them look this way. If your shoes or boots aren't designed to be polished, make sure that they're clean. Additionally, your laces should always be tied at a length that they don't drag on the floor.

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