3 Helpful Security Resources To Invest In For Cannabis Business Owners

Posted on: 29 June 2018

If you run your own cannabis store, you have a lot of valuable inventory to protect. This could mean dealing with security threats on a regular basis. So that your inventory and commercial property are protected from these potential threats, you'll want to utilize these security resources. 

1. Steel Security Doors 

Even when the right security measures are taken, break-ins and theft can still result all because of weak doors. You can ensure your property is ready for anything, though, by setting up steel security doors. Constructed out of heavy-duty steel, these doors will not easily break or damage from heavy impacts. 

They often come equipped with a welded frame, which thwarts tampering and gives these doors added structural integrity. For these security doors to serve their function, though, they need to be placed at the right locations. Installation areas should include front entrances, backdoors, and rooms where your cannabis inventory is being kept.

2. Infrared Wireless Cameras 

So that you can monitor your cannabis business any time and thus have a peace of mind, you should consider setting up infrared wireless cameras. They will help you catch any mischievous activity that occurs in or around your property, whether it's vandalism or intrusions. 

These cameras' wireless design makes them fairly simple to set up, even if you have no prior experience with security equipment. The infrared design enables you to capture criminal activity at night, which is often when such activity occurs. Once this activity is recorded, you can take the captured footage in to the correct authorities where they can investigate the matter in-depth.

3. Security Guards 

If you're still worried about the security of your cannabis business, you can pull out all of the stops and hire security guards. This way, your commercial property is constantly monitored by trained professionals who are experienced in dealing with various adverse scenarios.

When hiring these security guards, it's important to conduct criminal background checks. After all, you don't want to work with security guards with criminal histories because this could leave your cannabis inventory potentially exposed. You should also look for security professionals that are trained in hand-to-hand combat, just in case situations escalate out of control.

The last thing you want happening to your cannabis business is for your property to get damaged or robbed. You can limit these unfortunate events by investing money into the right security resources. You'll then be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing your product, building, and employees are safe from different threats. 

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